How to Apply the Law of Attraction to Your Business

How to Apply the Law of Attraction to Your Business

How to Apply the Law of Attraction to Your Business

The law of attraction is a philosophy which endorses that if you think positively you will bring positive experiences into your life and alternatively if you have negative thoughts, then you will attract negativity.

Many people apply this philosophy into their personal lives but it is also believed that implementing these thoughts within a business environment can help the success of the business and its employees. 

Our 5 steps on how to apply the law of attraction to your business is a handy guide which can be followed by businesses of all shapes and sizes to adapt a more positive approach to daily working life.

1. Practice a positive mindset…

It is well known that each of us has an ‘inner voice’ which means we can often find ourselves ‘self-talking’ throughout the day about everything and anything. Focusing on applying a positive mind-set to your everyday life will therefore ensure that any internal monologue puts focus on positivity which in turn will allow you to stay motivated, confident and most importantly, happy. 

Feeling these positive emotions every day through applying positive affirmations via your inner voice will allow you to conduct yourself in a positive manner within the workplace which will also have an impact on your employees and their mind-set. 

Therefore, if everyone practices a positive mind-set within both their personal and working lives, then this will build the perfect foundations for achieving success.

2. Be specific about what you want to achieve…

Setting goals which follow the SMART acronym (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely) will ensure everyone within your team has a clear focus on what needs to be achieved collectively, both on a short term and on a long term basis. 

By doing this, everyone will feel a sense of drive and commitment to achieve these goals which in turn will have a positive impact on morale and employee motivation. 

Knowing exactly what you want is the starting point for helping you get there and so being specific about what you want to achieve will set you up to start making things happen.

3. Be mindful of how you communicate with others…

Applying positive affirmations when communicating with employees, suppliers and clients will create a ‘feel good’ atmosphere within your business environment which will make these key stakeholders want to support you on your journey to success.

To practice this, be mindful of your tone of voice, the way you express yourself and the language that you use when speaking with others as this can make all the difference. For example, if your tone of voice is positive, you express yourself in a calm and confident manner and you include others in conversation whilst listening clearly to their thoughts and feelings when in conversation, employees will feel valued which will also allow you to create sound working relationships with your team.

Alternatively, many of us will have experienced a boss who speaks down to their team, doesn’t take the time to listen to the ideas or thoughts of others and expresses themselves in a negative and border line aggressive manner. Boss’s that adopt this approach to management will struggle to gain the respect or support from their employees and will often find themselves trying to achieve the goals set out on their own due to a severe lack of team spirit and a drive from employees to see the company succeed.

4. Create a successful environment…

It is well-known that the environment in which we live, work and socialise in can impact the way we feel and will therefore have an impact on our performance. 

The quote ‘Tidy House, Tidy Mind’ is a key example of how having control over your home environment will help calm your mind and bring peace within your daily life. Adopting this same approach within a work environment is therefore very important in obtaining the outcomes that you want to achieve. 

For example, if your employees are working in an office environment that is dull, lacks creativity and is one that they do not feel happy or content in, then this could impact the success of achieving the goals set out. 

Adding some colour, creating different ‘break-out’ zones or simply implementing some small changes such as a free fuel station filled with tea, coffee and snacks to make the office environment a more fun and enjoyable place to be will ultimately result in a more positive atmosphere and a better energy being adopted by the team as a whole.

5. Enjoy every experience…

Starting or growing a business can pose many challenges and can often lead to experiencing many bumps in the road before you reach your goals, but, the process itself can also be hugely rewarding and satisfying once these hurdles are overcome. 

Our advice to any business owner is therefore this: 

Enjoy every experience within your journey and allow yourself to become immersed in all the bursts of inspiration, motivation and ambition along the way. It is revelling in these emotions that will fuel your drive to achieve success and ultimately promote a positive and successful outlook on both your daily personal and work life.

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