IMPORTANT - Up-Front Payment and Advanced Fee Fraud

Up-Front Payment and Advanced Fee Fraud

Business Loans Scotland is aware of an Advanced Fee Fraud using our name or initials “BLS”. This Fraud induces individuals into believing they are applying for a fast loan but before an individual receives the loan they are told they must pay an upfront fee. Once the fee is paid, the victim does not hear from the company again and the loan is never received.
Business Loans Scotland does not ask a Borrower for any fees up-front and any promise of this type of loan requiring an up-front fee is a CON.
If a fraud has been committed, please report it immediately to the Police.

Total Repayment
(inc 6% interest)
Monthly Repayments
Typical 6.17% APR

If you are a new business (trading less than 12 months at time of application) with a higher risk profile and lower levels of security available, a higher rate of interest may be applicable.

Our Aims

Our aim is to ensure that good, commercially viable proposals do not fail from a lack of access to finance.  Additionally, we want to encourage and support the creation, development and growth of businesses, aiding the potential for expansion of trade both within and outwith Scotland.  This will in turn be able to contribute to, and strengthen, the local and national economy in terms of jobs, growth and wealth.