Documentation Required

In addition to the essential documents listed below you can upload other documents that you consider relevant to your application such as market research, customer testimonials, copies of patent applications and such like.

Business Plan

The Business Plan should incorporate information on your proposal. You can download a Business Plan Guide here for additional information and advice.

Historical Accounts

At least 3 years full historical financials should be provided or for the period since trading began if less than 3 years.

Management Accounts

Management information should be provided for the period from the last set of annual financial statements to the time of application.

Financial Projections

A minimum of 2 full years annual Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet projections should be provided, combined with a 2 year monthly cash flow accompanied with detailed assumptions which support these figures. These should tie in with the dates of the annual accounts and provide a continuous picture of the business finances. Please also include your Aged Debtors and Aged Creditors lists, to show how much is owed by your customers and how much you owe to your suppliers.

Organisation Chart

This should show the Directors, Partners and key people in the business.

Business Bank Statement

Provision of a Business Bank Statement dated at the time of application to confirm a Business Bank account is held.

Personal Statement Form

These have to be completed by Directors and owners who own at least 25% of the shareholding or business along with any other key people involved in the running of the business. This process involves provision of proof of ID and Proof of Address for each individual named as a Key Contact within the business.

Planning permission and/or building warrant and/or Lease

Evidence of planning permission and / or building warrant where the business plan includes this type of expenditure.

Where the business property is leased, upload a copy of your Heads of Terms of the lease.