Top 10 Business Podcasts for SMEs

05 Feb 2021

With built in podcast apps now featuring on smart phone devices, it has never been easier to search, subscribe and listen to thousands of podcasts completely free of charge. 

Taking time out to listen to a podcast whether it be when going for a walk, during the daily commute to work or even at night time as you begin to wind down, podcasts provide a great platform for learning new information whilst also helping you to cut down on screen time. 

With masses of content out there, we’ve outlined our top 10 podcasts for small business owners that we think are definitely worth listening to.


1. Small Business Sessions

Hosted by Enterprise Nation and Xero, this weekly podcast shares the stories of SMEs from a variety of sectors situated all across the UK. Each episode gives an in depth insight into the daily struggles small business owners find themselves facing and offers advice and tips on what others in the industry are doing to overcome these.

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2. The Bottom Line

BBC Radio 4’s podcast, The Bottom Line, hosted by Evan Davis discusses a variety of current workplace related topics including diversity in the workplace, the impact of Coronavirus, lessons to be learned from lockdown and much more.

With a range of guests and an upbeat presenting style, this podcast is great for keeping up to date with all things business related. 

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3. Conversations of Inspiration

Founder of Notonthehighstreet and Holly & Co, Holly Tucker speaks with different business owners each week in her Conversation of Inspiration podcast to hear about the highs and lows of building a business. 

This podcast is perfect for entrepreneurs or small business owners looking for advice and inspiration to start or grow their business or for any listener interested in finding out more about the journey of growing a brand.

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4. Secret Leaders

Featuring the stories of major brands such as Deliveroo, Jo Malone and Shazam, the Secret Leaders podcast gives a real life insight into the daily lives of the top tier guests being interviewed whilst providing listeners with excellent content and discussions with are informative and inspiring.

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5. Ted Talks Business 

Well known for providing listeners with thought provoking ideas, Ted Talks Business features some of the world’s greatest innovators, entrepreneurs and business researchers who share their stories and insights from the stage at TED conferences.

Covering topics such as how to stay focussed under pressure, ways to remove yourself from drama in the workplace and what the Coronavirus really means for the global economy, this podcast is one that will definitely get you thinking about the impact these subjects could have on your business. 

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6. The Diary of a CEO by Steven Bartlett 

Finding himself with no money, a university dropout and living alone in one of the worst parts of the country, Steven Bartlett shares his story of how he set up his own company, Social Chain, which has slowly become one of the UK’s fastest growing companies. 

Experiencing many highs and lows along the way, this podcast gives an extremely personal insight into Steven’s journey to success and is fantastic for providing inspiration to many business owners. 

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7. Own It! For Entrepreneurs

Great friends and ex business partners, Nicola Cairncross and Judith Morgan, share their experiences of running a business whilst trying to achieve a work-life balance of combining being a successful entrepreneur with being a parent. 

This light-hearted podcast is packed with advice and delivered in a warm and humorous tone making it the perfect podcast to listen to when taking time to unwind. 

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8. Social Minds 

The UK’s first ever dedicated social media marketing podcast, Social Minds is a weekly podcast where hosts, Social Chain, are joined by leaders from a variety of different sectors to discuss the global impact social media is having on businesses.

The podcast covers all things social and gives fantastic tips and advice on how to implement a successful social media marketing strategy in any business. 

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9. Screw it, just do it!

Chatting with some of the most successful entrepreneurs, host Alex Chisnall delves deeper into the lives of exciting start-ups who are all at different stages in their journeys.

Each story talks through the many successes and failures experienced in business whilst offering fantastic tips along the way.

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10. Mind Your Own Business

Mind Your Own Business, hosted by tech entrepreneur, CEO, philanthropist and public speaker Lawrence Jones MBE, aims to help listeners achieve their full potential when looking to grow their business. 

Lawrence conducts various interviews with inspirational people and shares his secrets on business, motivation, mind-set and more making it a definite must listen to.

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